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Centrifugal Blowers (High Pressure/Low Pressure/ Medium Pressure/Forward Curved/Backward Curved)


  • MARCO Centrifugal Blowers are well engineered, high efficiency air moving blowers, incorporating all the latest improvements to suit any type of industrial application like Fume or Vapour exhaust, Dust Handling, Material Conveying, Induced Draft, Forced Draft and so forth in foundries, Power Plants, Engineering Industries, Cement and Chemical producing plants and the like.
  • The Blowers are designed to meet each customer's individual specifications.
  • TYPES : MARCO offers wide range of Centrifugal Fans with highly efficient impellers of various types : Backward Inclined, Backward Curved, Backward Flat Sloping, Forward Curved and Straight Radial, depending upon application and customer's specifications.
  • CONFIGURATION : SWSI (Single Width Single Inlet) DWDI ( Double Width Double Inlet ) Provided with single and multiple (parallel or series operation) impellers to suit wide range of air discharge and pressure development combinations.


  • Size : Impeller diameters upto 2050 mm
  • Airflow : Single Width (SWSI) upto 1,25,000 CMH & Double width (DWDI) up to 2,75,000 CMH
  • Pressure : Single Stage: upto 1200 mm.wg. Two-stage: upto 2500 mm.wg.
  • Temperature : Upto 425 Degree C