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Evaporative air cooling units


Increase your comfort & productivity with highly efficient air cooling.....

MARCO offers state - of - the - art Evaporative Air Cooling Units which are used across industries. Evaporative cooling has proven to be one of the most reliable and economical methods to maintain optimum temperature and humidity. "MARCO" Evaporative Air Cooling Unit is what you need for your evaporative cooling system to perform effectively and economically.

Principle of Evaporative Cooling

100% Fresh Ambient Air is brought in contact with wet surface or mist where it loses its heat and the latent heat of vaporization needed for the water to evaporate is taken from the sensible heat of air. Water then evaporates cooling the air in the process. It is within the cooling media where the process of heat and mass transfer takes place. Since no heat is added or removed from the system, it is therefore, called an adiabatic saturation process and works on the principle of "Cooling is caused by evaporation". The saturation efficiency of air after passing through the wet section comes to around 85 - 90%. This may, however, please be noted that this being an adiabatic saturation process follows Psychrometry principles wherein the inside DB temperature is a function of outside atmospheric Wet Bulb Temperature and is generally 8-10 Degree Celsius over and above the prevailing outside Wet Bulb Temperature.

Why Evaporative Cooling ?

  • Cost Effective - Dry bulb temperature is brought down through evaporation of water. It is the ideal and most economical method of cooling, therefore Evaporative cooling is cost efficient.
  • Very low energy consumption - Natural cooling of air and no artificial means is used thereby reducing energy consumption to minimal.
  • Green Air-conditioning - Conditions the air by evaporative cooling and not mechanical cooling.


  • Fresh and Cool
  • 100% fresh air for excellent indoor air quality.
  • Clean and altered air flow - dust free environment.
  • Helps dilute viral density in the air, thereby reducing chances of infection from contagious viruses in Air and mitigating health risk.
  • Cool on Your Pockets
  • Our products help to achieve LEED and other energy certifications.
  • Excellent return on investment.
  • Energy savings up to 60%
  • Carbon credit benefits.
  • Lower operating cost

  • Improves Working Environment
  • Supplement / replace mechanical refrigeration in industrial, commercial, institutional and agriculture applications.
  • Can considerably lower the fresh air temperature during peak summers .
  • Lower temperature at minimal energy cost.
  • Easy to install & maintain.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Lower absenteeism.
  • Cool Way to Cool Air
  • Comfortable Working environment - Beat the Heat, easily and economically.
  • Enhanced indoor air quality & productivity
  • Helps reduce green house gases
  • No sick building syndrome
  • Zero ozone depletion
  • No CFCs involved

  • Luxury of Customization
  • We give our customers the exibility to choose from and customize according to their needs.
  • We can offer compact and sturdy Air Washer Units in Single Skin and Double Skin with different material of construction customized to suit client's requirement. Our excellent fabrication quality ensures low casing leakage, low alter bypass leakage and good mechanical strength.
  • For rugged applications, we also offer Civil Masonry Type Air Cooling Units with various equipments installed inside an ergonomically designed room.
  • Designed for low RPM for lower noise levels & trouble free operation.
  • Choice of Top, Bottom and Side discharge to suit site layout.


MARCO has always had affinity towards new technologies and in an endeavour to add value to Environment and making it healthier, has introduced Two Stage Evaporative Coolers which combine indirect with direct evaporative cooling. This is accomplished by passing air inside a heat exchanger that is cooled by evaporation on the outside. In the second stage, the pre-cooled air passes through a water soaked pad and picks up humidity as it cools.

The two-stage evaporative cooling provides air that is cooler than either a direct or indirect single-stage system can provide individually.